My Creative Practice

Transart2018 Mexico print 3024

I’ve often been asked what my practice is, why I paint or make art.

I believe that we as human beings have an innate need to express ourselves. So before I begin to work on a new piece, it is always a feeling, rather than a reason, that dominates.

My artwork is an expression of that longing to connect with myself, to express myself, a feeling or a state.

I also belive that we as human beings are born curious and creative - the real question is, when do we get so far away from that way of seeing the world that we stop? I stopped painting/making artwork after I had art in highschool - after that, life just took off, university, seriousness, realtionships, work and career.

The reason I started painting again was because I asked myself what I would happily do for the rest of my life, every single day; and the answer was clear as day: to paint.

I always quieten my mind, meditate/sit in silence before I start working, so it served as a perfect practice after a long/hard/stressful day at work.

I love the feeling of writing or painting - it’s a space where I can completely let go, where there is no right or wrong, where there are no norms or judgement (other than my own). It’s a beautiful feeling to release anger, resentment, love, happiness on to a canvas - and to experience yourself completely letting go - this is my process: to completetly let-go, to surrender.

It has taken me a decade to build my website and instagram profile and to show my work so openly - it’s been a scary and daunting process because my work is like pages from my diary, revealing my feelings to the rest of the world. 

When it comes to expressing myself through art, everything becomes a form of expression - the size of the canvas, the choice of colours, the composition - it is all intuitive and a meditative practice - it is an experience I am drawn towards, and which draws me in.

There are times when I don’t create or express myself - getting lost in the humdrum of everyday life. These are often painful times for me because I have an inherent need to express myself, to connect with myself, to have an intimate conversation with myself.

I paint on the floor, and I often leave the completed canvas on the floor for a few days after having finished working on it - again, it is to talk in silence with the artwork and process my feelings and emotions when I see the piece first thing in the morning / after a day at work.

I never show the completed piece of work until the artwork and I have had sufficient time together in silence; and when I work with a specific piece, I walk around it, working with it from all angles - there is no right side, no left side, no up, no down - it is really open to interpretation.

Sometimes I take a break because I don’t have access to a studio space, other times because I don’t have time or privacy, and at other times because I sense a repetiion in my work and I get frustrated and bored with my work, and a break is necessary in order to stop doing what I am doing and to allow a natural pause to take place before I start again.

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve been known to being sensitive. I grew up with this word being a bad word - taking things too personally, feeling hurt / happy / sad. A child overwhelmed with feeling(s). As I grew up, and especially through meditation, I learned to nurture this connection with my inner environment, whether it’s happiness or rage - and to use the power of a feeling to express itself through art.